Q. Does the map on your website show me where the home is?

A. No, this map shows the location of each branch office.


Q. Can I pay my balance when I check out?

A. No, payment is due in full 30 days before check in and will automatically be charged to your credit card.


Q. Am I guaranteed the home I reserved?

A. No, no one is guaranteed any specific home with the exception of the owner. There are four reasons you could be moved.

  • If the homes goes off the program
  • The homeowner can book it
  • It can go down for emergency maintenance 
  • The homeowner can accept a long term contract, or the current long term tenant can extend.
Q. What happens if I get moved out of my house?

A. Rest assured we will do everything possible to keep you in the same kind of home, if not an upgrade, and will notify you as soon as humanly possible.


Q. Can I rent more than one house at a time?

A. Absolutely! However we will require a deposit for each home.


Q. How much deposit is required when I make a reservation?

A. Nightly rentals require one-night’s rent deposit plus your Booking Fee. Reservations made within 30 days of arrival will require payment in full.


Q. What is the Booking Fee on my Confirmation Receipt?

A. This charge consists of two fees, your $25-plus-tax Reservation Fee and your Cleaning Fee. Your Non-refundable Reservation Fee helps pay administration costs which allow us to better serve our customers with an efficient and timely reservation process. The Cleaning Fee covers the costs of turning over the unit between guests and covers the direct costs associated with general cleaning and inspection of the home, laundry service, trash removal and consumable supplies.


Q. Do you accept pets?

A. Yes! Please don’t think you have to leave your four-legged friend at home. We have several units at each location that accept pets (non-service animals). The non-service animals we accept in all of our pet-friendly units are dogs, but birds and cats are accepted in a few units. Ask one of our Reservationists about these specific units. There will be a $15 nightly charge per pet.


Q. Can I smoke in my unit?

A. Smoking is not permitted in our homes. Smoking is permitted outside only.


Q. What are your office hours?

A. The front desk at all three locations are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week.


Q. How do I get my keys if I’m going to arrive after business hours?

A. The front desk will get you an after-hours code when you Contact Us to inform us about your late arrival. Please note all unpaid balances will be charged to the credit card on file prior to giving you the after hours code. We will also require a copy of your state issues photo ID.


Q. Can I cancel my reservation?

A. Yes, no problem as long as you notify us within 30 days before your check-in date. If you cancel within 14 days of your check-in date the full deposit will be forfeited. Please remember that the Booking Fee is non-refundable regardless if you keep or cancel your reservation.

Q. Can I play golf when on my trip? Can my family use the pool?

A. Absolutely! Upon your arrival we will give you Property Owners Association Guest Cards that won’t expire until your departure date. These cards will give you access to all private golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and lakes for the guest fees required.


Q. Does Vacation Rentals own its rental homes?

A. No, we are actually a property management company, so all of the homes on our rental program are owned by individual homeowners. Vacation Rentals has been managing and renting homes and town homes in Arkansas since 1980.


Q. How can I add a home to your rental program. Who should I contact?

A. Great! You will not be disappointed! You should contact our Homeowner Services Department at the following phone numbers:

(479) 855-1111 in Bella Vista

(501) 922-9850 in Hot Springs Village

Our licensed, rental managers are available to discuss your needs, and our team of courteous, extensively-trained reservation professionals will be excited to promote the unique amenities of your property to prospective guests.


Q. Your rates say price based on Double Occupancy. Does that mean we are charged the nightly rate per person?

A. No, Double Occupancy means the price covers two people. Each additional adult after that is $10 per night extra.


Q. How many people can sleep in the units?

 A. Each unit is rated by the number of beds. While we do not charge for children 17 and under we do count them in the occupancy count.


Q. Can I sleep more than the unit is rated for?

A. No, maximum number of people that can be in the unit at any given time, including children. This is a very important issue due to local, state, and national health regulations, building codes, and other laws.


Q. Can we hold our event, i.e. wedding, graduation party, bachelor, bachelorette party etc at one of your homes?

 A. No, there are numerous venues available at each location that can accommodate that request. It is Vacation Rental’s policy that parties and large functions are not to be held at our homes. Please keep in mind that these are private homes in residential neighborhoods. We must respect our homeowners and our local residents.


Q. If I check-in after hours, do I have to pay for that night?

A. Yes, we charge by the night not the day.


Q. Does my unit have cable and internet?

A. Yes, majority of our homes have extended basic cable and a 15MB internet package. Most of our rental units provide free wifi. Some owners offer satellite or extended programming.

Q. Does my unit have a washer and dryer?

A. Yes. All of our homes are equipped with all major appliances.


Q. Does my unit have a grill?

A. Some do. While we do not require our homeowners to have a grill some have opted to have one. Condition, type, age and supplies are not governed by Vacation Rentals.


Q. How many TVs does my unit have?

A. Please refer to each unit for details.


Q. What size are the TVs in my unit?

A. Vacation Rentals maintains minimum size requirement for the living room television.


Q. Do I need to bring sheets and towels?

A. Absolutely not. We have them in the units and extras in the lobby for our nightly guests. You may want to bring a beach towel or two but that’s your call.


Q. Can I rent a furnished unit for 30+ days?

A. Absolutely. The majority of our homes rent for extended stays, even up to a year or more.


Q. What is needed to rent a home for more than 30 days?

A. We require a security deposit, cleaning fee, and background/credit check and signed lease on ALL homes rented over 30 days. For more information please contact Chris Howison at chowison@vrinc.net

Q. What are your frequently dialed telephone numbers in Bella Vista?

A. Please see below.

POA Membership Services Department: (479) 855-8000
Communications Department: (479) 855-5048 or (866) 242-1361
Bella Vista Clubhouses
• Papa Mike’s at Kingsdale: (479) 855-8117
• Mulligans at the Highlands: (479) 855-8114
• Shrimpman’s Yacht Club: (479) 855-8110

Community Outreach Department: (479) 855-5019

Golf Division: (479) 855-5079
• Bella Vista’s Golf Reservation System: (479) 855-8199
• Bella Vista Country Club Golf Course: (479) 855-8130
• Highlands Golf Course: (479) 855-8150
• Brittany Golf Course: (479) 855-8160
• Branchwood Golf Course: (479) 855-8181
• Kingswood Golf Course: (479) 855-8123
• Berksdale Golf Course: (479) 855-8123
• Dogwood Hills Golf Course: (479) 855-8160
• Scotsdale Golf Course: (479) 855-8140
• Tanyard Creek Practice Center: (479) 855-8133
Human Resources Department: (479) 855-5039
Maintenance and Construction Division: (479) 855-5060
• Street Department: (479) 876-1255
Lakes Department: (479) 855-5060
• Loch Lomond Marina: (479) 855-8182
Recreation Division: (479) 855-5073
• Riordan Hall: (479) 855-8170
• Branchwood Recreation Center: (479) 855-8181
• Metfield Clubhouse: (479) 855-8165
• Metfield Swimming Pool: (479) 855-8164
• Kingsdale Swimming Pool: (479) 855-8173
• Tennis: (479) 855-8174
• RV Storage: (479) 855-5034
• RV Park at Blowing Springs: (479) 855-8075
• Gun Range/Trap & Skeet: (479) 903-3610
• Pavilion Leasing: (479) 855-8170
Water Department: (479) 855-8000
• Water Billing Department: (479) 855-5085
• After-Hours Water Emergencies: (479) 855-3771
Republic Services Inc. trash pickup: (479) 855-4226
Architectural Control Committee: (479) 855-8080
Arkansas Department of Revenue in Bentonville: (479) 273-2724
Bella Vista Ambulance Service Inc.: (479) 855-4454
Bella Vista Animal Shelter: (479) 855-6020
Bella Vista City Hall: (479) 876-1255
• City Building Division: (479) 268-4980
Bella Vista’s Cooper Elementary School: (479) 696-3700
Bella Vista Fire Department
• Emergency: 911
• Non-emergency: (479) 855-8249
Bella Vista Library: (479) 855-1753
Bella Vista Police Department
• Emergency: 911
• Non-emergency: (479) 855-3771
Bella Vista Post Office: (479) 855-6121
• Highlands Branch: (479) 855-9891
Bella Vista Recycling Center: (479) 876-5343
Bella Vista Townhouse Association: (479) 855-9328
Benton County Solid Waste District (Hazardous Materials):  (479) 795-0751
Bentonville School District
• Administrative offices: (479) 254-5000
Boys & Girls Club, Bella Vista: (479) 876-6786
Carroll Electric: (479) 273-2421
Courtesy Van: (479) 855-7663
Cox Communications (Cable and Internet): (479) 273-5644
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: (479) 418-5700
Gravette School District
• Administrative offices: (479) 787-4100
Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel: (479) 855-6598
NorthWest Arkansas Community College
• College at the Crossing: (479) 855-1903
SBC: (800) 464-7928
Vacation Rentals, Inc.: (479) 855-1111 or (800) 386-4628
Village Chauffeur: (479) 855-4512
Village Wastewater Co.: (479) 855-7613
Walton Arts Center: (479) 571-2758